MedUS Healthcare, formerly Axis Providers, is a Joint Commission certified staffing company that specializes in the recruitment, placement, and partnership of travel nurses and other healthcare professionals nationwide. We pride ourselves on tailoring our high-paying travel assignments to the skillset of our caregivers.

We are affiliated with the best facilities across the US, managed and operated by industry-rich professionals, and driven to deliver the BEST travel experience to the BEST healthcare professionals in the industry!

We at MedUS Healthcare are excited to be a part of your travel journey and are dedicated to providing high pay, excellent benefits, and the ultimate travel experience!

Better People; Better Outcomes. We Make It Happen!


High pay

Here at MedUS Healthcare, we believe in the importance of paying our healthcare professionals what they are worth, and we do so by offering some of the highest pay packages in the industry!

Whether you are an experienced traveler or you are looking to take your first assignment, we will treat you with the type of value you can count on in a high WEEKLY compensation.

Referral Bonuses

In addition to our high pay, we also offer two referral bonus programs that are second to none!!

Do you know another nurse, respiratory therapist, hospital technician, rehab therapist, radiology technician, physician, locum, or any other healthcare professional? Send them our way and you’ll become eligible for our awesome referral bonus programs!!

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When you become a part of the MedUS Healthcare Team, you become immediately eligible for 401(k), short-term disability, life insurance, and Eligible Day 1 insurance.

We also offer a major medical plan on the 91st day of employment. Our coverage options include plans that involve medical, dental, and vision coverage for each employee and any additional family members.

License and Certification Reimbursement

If you are interested in taking an assignment with MedUS Healthcare that requires a specific state license or certification, we offer reimbursement for the accrued expenses.

Our process is hassle-free and time-efficient so that the cost of obtaining these assignment specific requirements doesn’t become a financial burden for our travelers.

Free Onboarding

MedUS Healthcare takes pride in our onboarding process, as evidenced in the care our compliance team provides. From day 1, you’ll be assigned a Compliance Coordinator who will work diligently to make sure the compliance process is as smooth-sailing as possible.

MedUS also covers the cost of the onboarding requirements as another measure of making sure our travelers are not financially burdened as they prepare for the next exciting chapter in their lives!

Clinical Support

We at MedUS Healthcare understand the need to have a team of clinical staff in your corner to help with any clinical matters that arise while on an assignment.

Whether it’s a matter of education or clinical concerns, our team of highly trained and qualified clinical professionals are passionate about the healthcare industry and are ready to assist our field staff every step of the way!


“As a first-time traveler, I couldn't have asked for a better agency with which to work! From the very beginning, I have truly felt valued. My recruiter, Natalie, has been very present throughout my assignment as well. She stays in contact often and has always been so very encouraging. I have had such a positive experience that I keep extending my current assignment and can't imagine doing future assignments with any other agency!”

-Debra W., Hospice RN
“The reason I choose MedUS Healthcare was the fact that they're extremely easy to work with, especially Stacy. I feel she is very trustworthy and does all that she can to make contracts benefit you. She's very straightforward and transparent. I know that she has my back when I need her, and, what helps with that, she's very accessible. Traveling with Med US and Stacy has been awesome, and I couldn't be happier.”

-Shawn S., RN
“I travel with MedUS Healthcare for many reasons including: My awesome Recruiter that is always available and assists me with finding jobs and understands that personal life is important as well. They have great pay, better than most other travel companies that I have traveled with. They send us cute surprises often. They pay weekly.”

-Cassandra S., RN
“Tonya has been completely incredible with all my requests. I could not be happier with the quality of service that Tonya delivers. She is always in contact with me and extremely attentive to my needs. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I really enjoy working with Tonya because she makes me feel like family, and I know she has my best interests at heart.”

-Josh B., RN
“The reason why I travel with MedUS Healthcare Travelers is first and foremost I have the most amazing recruiter in the travel industry! Stacy gets me where I need/want to go. We have developed a great relationship where she knows me and my preferences to the T. I put my trust in her that she will get me the best assignment with the best pay possible. I wouldn't be where I am today without her excellent skills. I can’t say enough about the best recruiter out there! Also, I like working with smaller companies that can dedicate more time and effort to their travelers. Not only that, the recruiters are there for their travelers and not just out there to make a quick buck off us travelers! It's important to me that recruiters are there for us as travelers cause without travelers how would a company thrive. So thank you Stacy, I appreciate you and all you hard work!”

-Nikki D., Surgical Tech
“I'm a travel nurse because it frees me from the local, limited employment opportunities available within my small community here in Show Low. I travel with MedUS because of the high level of personal representation offered. I'm represented by Stacy when traveling because of her professionalism and attention to the details that add value to my efforts when out in the field.”

-Cory S., RN
“I am currently doing a contract at University of Cincinnati and have already extended for another contract. I LOVE IT! I have been working with Meghann, and she is SO WONDERFUL! She is so attentive. She checks in with me often. I can’t say enough about MedUS! They are a GREAT company to work for. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in Travel Nursing! They are a wonderful group of people to work with.”

-Lori C., RN



Wherever you want to go, We Make It Happen.

With travel nursing jobs across the country, you can discover the possibilities that create the lifestyle and financial position that you have dreamed of.

MedUS is a modern, transparent staffing firm creating the ultimate community of US.




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