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Choosing the Perfect Healthcare Recruiter

There are many different travel nursing agencies out there, and even more healthcare recruiters with an array of personalities. It is important to mesh well with your recruiter. Finding a recruiter that you have a great relationship with is key to a successful travel nursing career.

Let’s start with some basic traits that everyone would want in someone they work with. We need to find someone who:

  • Has your best interest in mind
  • Great communication skills
  • Knowledgeable
  • Responsive
  • Honest and trustworthy

Now that we have a baseline of what we are looking for… how do we find the right person who has all these qualities?

You have options. The market is hot and healthcare recruiters are on the hunt for you, so be picky! When speaking with a potential long-time recruiter, here are a few tips and tricks to discover if the recruiter you are working with is a great fit for you.

Ask them a few questions. When on the phone with a recruiter who has a position you are interested in, ask them a few questions like, “Name a time when you went to bat for one of your healthcare professionals”, or “What are some qualities that make you stand out as opposed to other recruiters who have contacted me?”. That way, you can get a better read of their personality and professionalism. 

Note their response time. We all know it is unrealistic to have a recruiter who can give you full attention all day every day, but it is key to find a recruiter that won’t ghost you for days on end. A great recruiter will make sure to get you answers in a timely manner.

Do they treat you like a person…. or just another number? “How was your weekend?”, “I noticed you worked a ton of hours last week! Are you making sure to take time to rest and recoup?”, “How was your daughter’s birthday party this weekend?” Many travelers prefer to have a recruiter who cares about their personal life. It not only creates a stronger bond between the recruiter and traveler, but it opens a wider door for trust and open communication.

Make sure your needs aren’t thrown to the back burner. Recruiters are working with other healthcare professionals at the same time as you, but that is no excuse for your needs to be thrown out the window. Your recruiter should be on the same page as you with certain deadlines, your contract timeline, and the needs you have when looking for new assignments.

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