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How to Prepare Yourself to Become a Successful Travel Nurse

Becoming a travel nurse can be an exciting career choice for many registered nurses. The high pay and flexibility are two of the biggest benefits and reasons why many nurses choose a career in the travel world.

 Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself to make the transition into the world of travel!

Gain Clinical Experience: Before considering travel nursing, gaining solid clinical experience is essential. Most facilities require 2 years of recent experience in an acute care setting to start traveling, so our first and most important piece of advice is to get those two years under your belt! The sooner you get those two years down, the sooner you can start seeing the country one assignment at a time!

Obtain Licensure: Understanding the licensing rules for different states is important. All travel nursing positions require a current RN license in the state of the assignment. This may require you to get a new license for the state you plan on traveling to, which can take some time depending on the state you are looking into. You can also apply for your Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), which allows you to work in any state that is a part of the NLC, as long as your home state is also part of the NLC.


Interested in obtaining a Hawaii licensure? Check out our “How To Get Your Hawaii Nursing License” blog!

Prepare Your Documents and Keep them Organized: Gather all necessary documents and certifications, including your resume, nursing license(s), certifications (e.g., ACLS, PALS), immunization records, and professional references. Keep these documents organized and up-to-date, as you’ll need to submit them to travel nursing agencies and potential employers. Keeping these documents organized is also key when it comes to success. Make sure you know when items will be expiring, as this can delay the process when it comes to onboarding for your next assignment.

Be Flexible: It is important to be flexible as a traveler. Flexibility is a huge part of the travel nursing world. Diverse areas, patients, shifts, coworkers…. You are meeting a lot of new people when traveling and experiencing many new places.  When you are flexible, more opportunities will come your way, and allow you to enjoy your time as a traveler more.

Network with Other Travel Nurses: There are many great ways to connect with travel nurses. Online is a great way to connect with travelers who can provide insight, advice, and support. Many online forums and social media groups are available to assist you, with many honest and open travelers who would love to be your mentor.

Becoming a traveler may be a nerve-wracking jump for some, but ultimately, it is a very rewarding one! As a healthcare traveler, you will learn a lot about yourself and others.

Do Your Research When It Comes to Travel Nursing Agencies: There are many agencies to choose from, and that’s why it is important to do your research when it comes to picking an agency you will work well with. All agencies have pros and cons that come with them. It is imperative to figure out what is important to you when choosing your agency and go from there. 


Check out what our travelers have said about us as an agency! Reading these reviews might just help calm those nerves and get you excited for the road ahead.

“Matt has been wonderful to work with! He took his time to find the “perfect” position for my first travel assignment. He answers my questions without hesitation or frustration. He makes himself available 24/7 (evenings & weekends!) — speaks volumes for his character & professionalism! 10/10..highly recommend..!” -Lisa, RN


“MedUS is great! I just completed my first ever travel assignment and had a great experience with MedUS. Compliance went smoothly and my recruiter was very helpful in guiding me through the process. My recruiter was friendly and professional, and was good about checking in periodically during the assignment to ensure that everything was going well. I also appreciated the care package MedUS sent midway through my assignment! It would be hard to improve on the experience I’ve had with MedUS.” – Kurt, PT

“Daniel was timely with responses and knowledgeable about the process. This was my first contract so I had a lot of questions.”– Lorraine, RN


We have local and travel contracts available in all 50 states. If you are interested in any state across the country, connect with a recruiter today by calling us at 513-274-4008, emailing, or checking out our job board HERE.

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