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MedUS Wrapped 2022

That’s a wrap! As the year of 2022 comes to an end, it’s time to look back at the many accomplishments MedUS Healthcare has made over the past 12 months. 


In January, we had high hopes for the 2022 year. We had a feeling 2022 was going to be a strong year for MedUS Healthcare. Throughout the previous years, we had created a great base. We were outgrowing our space, strategizing and looking into new ideas, and setting some high goals.To kick off the year, we welcomed a couple of new members to our team and began the process of expanding our office space to accommodate our fast-growing company. Overall January was a great start to the year for us. We looked forward to achieving our goals and were ready to take the year by storm!


In 2022, MedUS made some large changes to the company, such as getting rid of our previous software and implementing one we believed would better the experience of our caregivers for a more user friendly and hands on experience. February of 2022 was the beginning of our first chapter in doing this. Cassie L., with the LaborEdge team, came into our office to get our team up and running on the new system.

February was also the month MedUS’s hometown team, the Cincinnati Bengals, headed to the Superbowl! In honor of this, we changed the MedUS logo from our fiery signature red to some orange and black Bengal’s stripes to show support for our hometown team!



March was such an exciting month for us! We outgrew our original space and moved into a larger space in a different location! Our new location has many amenities our internal employees are able to enjoy.

We also were announced as a “2022 Best Staffing Firm to Work For” by Staffing Industry Analysts! This is a prestigious award that is sought out for by hundreds of different staffing agencies. When we found out we were a winner we were beyond thrilled. We showed off our Best of Staffing status year round by adding the logo to our signatures. It doesn’t hurt to brag a little… right? 😉You can read more about our award here!


April was a month of new beginnings for MedUS. Our team officially transitioned our data to LaborEdge’s Nexus. LaborEdge is a digital platform for healthcare staffing. This transition has been beneficial for our company in many ways, with LaborEdge helping to assist our recruiters with their job processes making them faster and more efficient.


Starting in May and running through the summer, MedUS started volunteering at a local animal shelter called Animal Friends. Animal Friends is a non-profit, no-kill organization. MedUS employees would take paid time out of the office to spend time at the shelter enriching the animals by taking them for walks, playing with them in the play yards, and giving them loads of pets and snuggles. MedUS employees also helped with some improvements that needed to be made at the shelter, such as fixing the play yard fence. We are thankful for the relationship we have created with Animal Friends in 2022, and if you are looking for a new travel companion check out Animal Friends’ website here!



June was an exciting month for MedUS Healthcare. We had six recruiters join us, making it our largest recruiter orientation class ever! The new recruiters were met with enthusiasm from the rest of the MedUS Team. Our team provided them with intensive training and offered them advice from their own experience. It wasn’t long before they were ready to take on their new responsibilities as a MedUS recruiter, and we were incredibly proud of their hard work. You can view all of our amazing recruiters and what our travelers have to say about them here!


In July, we officially started a blog! Our blog covers topics such as exploring different cities you can travel to with MedUS, tips for traveling healthcare, and announcements from our company.

In addition to launching our blog, we also made sure to give back to our community. After a devastating tornado hit the town of Goshen, a town not too far from our office in Cincinnati, we purchased “Goshen Strong” t-shirts for our entire company. We purchased them from a small business located in the town of Goshen, Wage War Apparel, that took on serious damage from the tornado, losing their store and having to work out of a temporary location. Proceeds were split between Wage War Apparel and donating to the other damages in the city of Goshen,OH. This was our way of showing support for those affected and demonstrating our commitment to make a positive impact on our community.



In August, MedUS took a big step forward by adding a business development team to our company. Our director of business development started in August, and we have since added another business development team member. This team is focused on finding the right facilities for us to work with and increasing the amount of positions we have available to staff our talented team of healthcare professionals at. They have already benefited our company greatly and we are so excited to have them as part of our MedUS Team!

In addition to adding a new team, we also created a new employee recognition strategy. We created a meeting called “Spin the Wheel.” We meet every Friday, and the recruiters who had travelers starting their contracts that week get to spin the wheel. The wheel has different prizes you can land on. We created this to show our recruiters how much we appreciate their hard work and to get them excited about their achievements. We believe this will help us further to engage our recruitment team and motivate them to continue achieving great things! 


September was a month full of incredible experiences for MedUS Healthcare. We were honored to attend the Cincinnati Business Courier’s Best Places to Work Event. The Cincinnati Business Courier recognizes companies that create an outstanding culture and place emphasis on the well-being of employees. We were not only a finalist for the Best Places to Work Award, but we also won in our category! We were extremely honored to accept this award and we could not do it without the hardwork and dedication of our staff.

September was also when MedUS attended TravCon 2022! TravCon is an annual convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, travel nurses and allied health professionals are able to mingle other travelers as well as network with travel healthcare agencies. We had tons of fun meeting thousands of travelers, seeing all of the different staffing agencies, and learning more about the travel industry! We learned a lot from attending this year, and can not wait to come back better than ever in 2023!

After we were finished with TravCon, our data administrator, Marie, attended the SIA’s Collaboration in the Gig Economy conference held in Dallas, Texas. Marie was able to sit in on different sessions discussing technology in the staffing industry and network with many leaders in the data industry as well.

Overall, September was a busy, but rewarding month for MedUS. We’re proud to have been recognized for our accomplishments and grateful for the opportunity to attend informative conferences.



October was a big month for MedUS Healthcare. We launched our biggest referral program to date. It ran from October 10 through December 16. The referral program offered $1000 to both the referrer and their friend upon successfully completing at least two weeks of their contract with us. This encouraged travelers to recommend MedUS to their friends and colleagues. We have seen great results from this referral program so far, and it has enabled us to grow our team of dedicated healthcare travelers and reward them for their hard work.


In November, Mike Riley, our CEO and Tate Bailey, our Director of Recruitment, attended the Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2022 Healthcare Staffing Summit held in Houston, Texas. There, they gained valuable insight on pressing staffing topics and were able to connect with other individuals in leadership roles.

Additionally, we hit an important social media goal. We reached 1000 followers on LinkedIn! This is a huge accomplishment for the Marketing Team. At the beginning of the year, MedUS had just over 400 followers. We are growing rapidly, and are excited that so many people are willing to stay up to date with all things MedUS Healthcare!



December was an exciting month for MedUS. We closed out the year by achieving a major growth milestone for our company. The milestone we hit was incredibly important for MedUS Healthcare and we are incredibly proud of our recruiters and administrative team for making it possible!

Another exciting piece of our 2022 growth was we were able to add a Sourcing Specialist position to our marketing team! Our Sourcing Specialist assists with recruiters by navigating various platforms and scouting out healthcare professionals who are looking for their next opportunity. This position will heavily assist our recruiters in maintaining their current relationships while building up their book of business.

This December, to celebrate all of our 2022 accomplishments, we held our biggest holiday party yet! From a dinner reservation to renting out an entire dinner space for our company, it would be an understatement to say our growth has been exponential over the last year. Our remote employees came in and we all had a great time celebrating the year together.

Cheers to 2022! After seeing the BIG changes 2022 brought to MedUS, we can only imagine the excitement 2023 will bring us! It is a great time to join MedUS Healthcare.

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