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NLC Update: Quick Tips for Travel Nurses

In the dynamic world of healthcare, it’s crucial for healthcare professionals to stay informed about changes that may impact their licensure and practice. One such development is a recent rule change in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), implemented by the Interstate Commission of Nurse Licensure Compact Administrators (ICNLCA). If you’re a part of the healthcare community, especially if you’re involved in the Multi-State Provider (MSP) program, this information is important to know.

Effective from January 2, 2024, the NLC has introduced a significant modification pertaining to nurses who are permanently moving from one compact state to another. The key change is that nurses must now apply for licensure in their new Primary State of Residence (PSOR) within 60 days of the move.

If you’re moving from one compact state to another, the key change is that you now have a 60-day window to apply for licensure in your new Primary State of Residence (PSOR). It’s always been a requirement, but now timing is crucial. Swift compliance within 60 days ensures smooth transitions between assignments!

Quick Tips:

  1. Stay Informed: Understand the updated NLC rule. Knowing the 60-day timeframe is crucial for compliance.

  2. Communication Matters: Keep your agency or employer in the loop. Discuss how the changes might impact your assignments.

  3. Checklist Update: Add a new item to your pre-move checklist: check licensure rules for your next state within 60 days.

  4. Be Swift: When it’s time to move, act promptly on licensure applications. No delays—get it done!

As a traveler, we know adaptability is important to you. The recent NLC rule tweak is just a minor adjustment. Your next adventure awaits, and now you’re in the know about the 60-day rule. Safe travels!


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